DataMaker Features

Powerful Capabilities of our Synthetic Data Generator

Generate Your Data Easily!

With many Data Types
and AI enhancement

green dotsLet AI enhance your data generation

green dotsUse wide range of data types, from words to numbers, dates to job titles…

green dotsNeed realistic names, cities, account names, or more? AI-powered DataMaker has you covered

Integrate Values from Databases

Connect, integrate and create
with real Database Values

yellow dotsBlend real database values into generated data

yellow dotsConnect to your database and leverage SQL

yellow dotsCreate dynamic data templates

Integrate API Data in Real-Time

Retrieve real-time Data from APIs
Get Data in Real Time, use existing APIs

green dotsEffortlessly integrate real-time data from API responses

green dotsKeep your data fresh and up-to-the-minute

green dotsEmpower applications and decision-making with dynamic insights

Multi-Layered Data Structures

Use Nested Fields
Insert a Table into another Table

yellow dotsUnleash intricate, multi-layered data structures

yellow dotsMimic real-world complexity

yellow dotsSimplify data organization with nested hierarchies

Consistent Relational Fields

Not JUST Data
But Data that Make Sense Together

green dotsEnsure logical connections between various data elements

green dotsSimplify data organization with meaningful links

green dotsWelcome a well-organized, streamlined data world

Import and Export Data via API

Leverage APIs
GET or POST? Easy!

yellow dotsUtilize your existing APIs to get generated data into your systems

yellow dotsEfficiently manage and configure your Endpoints in our API bridge

yellow dotsRepurpose your existing data for new datasets

Don't let Formats slow you down

Benefit from exporting in Different Formats
Convert between them with ease

green dotsExport in CSV, JSON, REST API and DB

green dotsJSON-to-table conversion? No problem!

See how DataMaker works and what our
Managing Director has to say about it!