Fake it. While you make it.

With our intuitive point-and-click interface, creating high-quality synthetic data has never been easier.

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to make data work for you!

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»Rapidly Generate Synthetic Data With An Open Source Data Generator Tool That Always Delivers«

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Built by testers

We put our hearts into creating this simple-to-use, automated, self-service fake data generator to make your software development and testing fast, accurate, versatile, and painless, so you can deliver better quality products to your customers sooner.

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Data made easy

Unlike conventional data masking tools, this JSON generator doesn’t require any form of production data or data anonymisation knowledge. Simply set minimum and maximum constraints for texts and numerals, and our data generator will do the rest.

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Stop struggling with ad-hoc scripts or complex tools to generate the data you need. Datamaker is purpose-built to quickly and easily generate the synthetic test data you need with exceptional input-to-output consistency across all data types.

Robust Features For Your Data

Automated Data Pipeline:

Modular, Flexible & Highly
Configurable To Your Needs

green dotsCreate randomly generated data sets in a few clicks by selecting the data types & patterns. You can also specify conditions and rules to create unique values or use the built-in functions to create derived values.

»Missing data is a pain point in every stage of the development process. That’s why we created datamaker.«

Amin Chirazi

Amin Chirazi, Managing Director at Automators

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Data Preview

Preview your data as table or switch to JSON view

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Heightened Data Synthesis:

Generate Production-Like Data On The Fly

yellow dotsDatamaker is natively web-based so that you can generate data anywhere, anytime: Define your data constraints, review it on the go and generate multiple rich and sophisticated data sets with a click of a button. Export your data directly to: JSONXLSXCSVSQL

»We needed this tool for ourself and thought, why not make it beautiful and available for others to use?«

Valentin Ober

Valentin Ober, Managing Partner at Automators

AI-Augmentation That’s Built-In, Not Built On

green dotsDatamaker’s unique data generation approach is supported by AI, so you can be confident that your data sets are of the highest quality and realism. This AI augmentation enhances usability on key existing features and simplifies the application’s usage while improving capabilities. As a result, you’ll be able to focus on optimising test coverage and running the right tests every time.

In the coming weeks, we will have AI create constraints for you based on simple text input, so you can be even more productive and save time, money, and headaches.

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Run End To End Data Creation & Management

and Say Goodbye To Test Data Headaches Forever without coding!

green dotsThis no-code tool makes it easy to quickly generate large volumes of high-quality test data on-demand and at the click of a button.

Multiple Templates

yellow dotsMultiple reusable templates and data export options allows you to loop in different teams and stakeholders as needed, so you can avoid costly delays and errors.

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The future is AI

yellow dotsWith the cutting-edge algorithm, Davinci, the same one used in ChatGPT, we're making this a reality. The future is now and the future is AI.

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Understand How Datamaker Makes Your
Job Easier


Free Up Your Time To Focus On What Matters Most

blue dotsThis powerful test data automation tool will free up your time so you and your team can focus on critical development processes and tasks. It is easy to use and requires no coding, making it the perfect tool for busy developers and testers who want to create high-quality data sets quickly and efficiently.


Optimize Test Coverage and Run The Right Tests Every Time

red dotsAvoid expensive and extensive software delivery delays caused by manual data generation and wipe out privacy bottlenecks that could be holding up your development process. This robust tool will help you automatically generate the right test data sets for your specific testing needs, so you can focus on optimizing test coverage and running the right tests every time.


Enterprise-Level Versatility

blue dotsEnterprises often have stricter data protection rules and need to control their own application infrastructure and data. Datamaker is deployable in enterprise environments so that clients can configure their implementation based on their needs.


Total Control Over Your Data

red dotsCreate massive volumes of data for functional, load, and performance tests with ease. Test your application end-to-end with confidence, knowing that your production like test data is of the highest quality and integrity.


Generate and Distribute Test Data Definitions

blue dotsIn Datamaker you can generate test data definitions that are shared with your colleagues—making it easy to work together on your test data needs.

Learn how to create, manage, and monitor your test data sets seamlessly for a truly streamlined development process!