Save Your Business:

Synthetic Data as a Key to Privacy


Amin Chirazi, Managing Director at Automators

3 min readApr 17 2023


Save Your Business: Synthetic Data as a Key to Privacy

Businesses are continuously seeking for ways to improve their operations and customer experience through technology in today’s digital age. With the increased use of software systems, it is necessary to test these systems to ensure their proper and efficient performance. However, using real production data for testing can result in privacy violations and serious ramifications for both the organisation and its clients. In this post, we will look at a real-world example of a privacy violation caused by the usage of real production data, as well as how synthetic data could have avoided it.


The Importance of Properly Securing Sensitive Data

The usage of real-world production data for testing can expose sensitive data to potential security breaches. This was the case for an organisation in charge of collecting TV and radio licensing fees. The company used real production data of their customers during the process of restructuring their internal databases, which was not properly safeguarded. As a result, a hacker gained unauthorised access to the system and downloaded sensitive information belonging to about 9 million people. This included personal information such as names, birth dates, and location information of citizens.


The Potential Consequences of Using Real Production Data

Using real production data for testing purposes might have serious consequences for both the organisation and its customers. In the example of the TV and radio licence fee organisation, the privacy breach exposed sensitive information of millions of people, potentially leading to identity thefts and other criminal activities. Because the data contained private information of the customers, this incident harmed the organisation’s reputation and resulted in legal liabilities.

How Synthetic Data Could Have Prevented the Privacy Breach

The use of synthetic data is a potential solution to prevent privacy breaches caused by testing with real production data. Synthetic data is artificially generated data created to look like real production data but does not contain any sensitive or personally identifiable information. In the case of the TV and radio licence fee organisation, if they had used synthetic data for testing purposes, millions of people’s confidential information would not have been exposed. Synthetic data may have given a controlled and regulated environment for testing their systems without jeopardising their customers’ privacy.



The TV and radio licence fee organisation’s privacy leak highlights the importance of properly securing sensitive data and risks of using real production data for testing purposes. Synthetic data provides a solution to this problem, allowing companies to test their systems without compromising the privacy of their customers. As organisations continue to rely on software systems to manage their operations, the use of synthetic data in testing will become increasingly important in protecting sensitive information and ensuring the trust of customers.

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