Save Your Business:

Why Synthetic Data is Crucial for Safe Testing


Jan Kellner, Consultant at Automators

3 min readApr 03 2023


Save Your Business: Why Synthetic Data is Crucial for Safe Testing

For businesses that gather and process consumer data, data security and privacy are top priorities. Making sure that customer data is protected is more important than ever with the growing amount of data being generated and processed. How to test new systems and processes that handle sensitive customer information without endangering that information is one of the challenges companies confront all the time. Using real production data for testing may seem like an economical and effective method, but if done incorrectly, it could result in severe repercussions.

A bank that has recently developed a new loan application process to streamline and improve the efficiency of the loan approval process is one illustration of the potential risks associated with using actual customer data for testing. The bank made the decision to use actual customer information from their production database to try the new procedure. This decision was based on the belief that using production data was the most accurate representation of actual customer data and that using it for testing would save money and effort as the production data was easily accessible within the bank’s own systems.


During the testing phase, the bank’s IT department found out that the test environment was improperly isolated from the production environment. As a result, there was a data leak that exposed sensitive financial information of the bank’s clients. The bank was forced to notify the relevant regulating authorities about the data leak and was subject to a considerable financial penalty. Additionally, the bank was required to publicly apologise to its clients and provide refunds to those who were impacted by the data leak.

The incident seriously tarnished the bank’s image and caused a loss of customer trust, which significantly reduced the bank’s earnings. To regain back its customers’ trust, the bank had to make investments to repair its reputation and improve its cybersecurity measures. This example highlights the significance of proper data privacy and security measures when handling sensitive customer information.

While using actual customer data might seem like a practical and cost-effective option, the potential consequences of a data leak can be serious and long-lasting. Businesses must give data protection and privacy top priority when handling customer information, including during testing phases. To reduce the risks involved with testing using real customer data, companies can think about alternate techniques, like using synthetic data. Synthetic data is artificially generated data that can be used to test new systems and processes without jeopardising real customer data.


In conclusion, organisations must place a high priority on data protection and privacy in order to protect both customers and the company itself. Although it can be tempting, using actual production data to test new processes or systems comes with potential dangers that must be carefully considered. To prevent expensive and damaging data leaks, it is crucial to implement appropriate data privacy and security measures, especially during testing stages. Businesses can reduce the risks associated with using real customer data for testing and ensure the protection of confidential customer information by considering alternate methods, such as the use of synthetic data.

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